Amsterdam’s Drug Scene Takes a Wild Turn

Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam

‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is a no-holds-barred party starter

Ever since the Dutch adopted a tolerant drug policy in the 1970s, the canal-speckled capital has been at the centre of global drug culture. But these days, Amsterdam’s drug scene goes far beyond the traditional weed-selling coffee shops and red light district. Stimulant drugs like MDMA, speed and crystal meth are now dominating the city’s nightlife scene. And they have become a major cause of crime, with local criminal groups and international cartels vying for a slice of the market.

Mau P, a young production talent from the Netherlands, has taken the world by storm with his club banger ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’. Signed to Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars imprint, the track dominated festivals and sets last year. It has received heavyweight support from dance music’s elite including Fisher, Tiesto, John Summit and Dom Dolla. The breakout star will now hit the road this spring for his debut North American tour, showcasing his explosive mix of melodic vocals and deep techno basslines.

‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is a dancefloor weapon

The Netherlands have a unique drug policy that distinguishes between “soft drugs” and “hard drugs”. Soft drugs include marijuana, hash, magic mushrooms and hallucinogens. Hard drugs include cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.

Mau P, formerly known as Maurice West, has emerged from the Dutch underground with a banging debut single, ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’. Signed to Lee Foss’ renowned Repopulate Mars imprint, the track is an infectious floor filler that blends infectious vocals with pounding drums, catchy basslines and earworm synths. The viral smash has dominated festivals and sets across the globe, while climbing the global charts on TikTok and Spotify’s Viral Chart.

Mau P will be showcasing his production and DJ skills over the holidays at Proper NYE in San Diego and Insomniac’s Countdown in San Bernardino, before embarking on a spring run of U.S. club shows. In between, he’ll be preparing the release of his followup single to ‘Drugs From Amsterdam,’ which will be out later this year.

‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is a floor filler

Mau P’s breakout single ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is an inescapable banger that exploded in 2022 and is set to continue its reign into the new year. With support from industry heavyweights like Fisher, John Summit, ACRAZE, Dom Dolla and Wade, it’s a sure-fire way to make the crowd go wild at your next club or festival performance.

Drugs in Amsterdam are a big part of the city’s culture, which is evident in its coffeeshops. These places are famous for their marijuana, but also serve a range of other drugs such as magic truffles, hash and MDMA.

The Netherlands has a different approach to drugs than most other countries. The Dutch view drug use as a social issue, rather than a criminal problem. They believe that hiding negative social phenomena will only make them worse. Amsterdam has a long history of legalising certain drugs to reduce harm. In addition, the city offers drugs testing at specialised locations.

‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is a banger

Having already set the world on fire with his debut single, Mau P is back with another chart-chomping banger. ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ is a throbbing tech house heater that features infectious vocals and sounds sampled from the famous metro system in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam has long had a progressive drug policy, guided by an idea that people should decide for themselves what they consume. As such, it’s no surprise that the city is a global leader in drug production and export. With a strong distribution network, it’s easy to find any kind of weed or drug in Amsterdam.

Dutch techno luminary Reinier Zonneveld joins forces with rising talent Maurice West (now billed as Mau P) on a new remix of the massive hit “Drugs From Amsterdam.” The original, released on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label, saw a rise to fame on TikTok and has been supported by big name DJs like Fisher, John Summit, ACRAZE, Wade, Dom Dolla, and Tchami.

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